Uralla is home to around 2400 people living 1100 homes. It has a diverse range of local businesses and a strong tourism base. Most daily needs can be met locally, but others require a visit to a regional centre like Armidale (22 km away). Uralla is also the home of Captain Thunderbolt!!! click here to learn about energy in uralla Welcome to URALLa All this activity in homes, businesses and community facilities combine to consume a lot of energy. Just over half of Uralla's energy use is from electricity - around 15 GigaWatt hours every year in the township and surrounds - while the other half of the town's energy use is mainly comes from burning firewood for heating, and a small bit of bottled natural gas. Wood 45% bottled gas 2% 53% elEctriCity Electricity in URALLa Today Local Distribution network (poles and wires) Transmission network Power stations Transmission and distribution NetWorks deliver Electricity GeNERated ElsewhERE TO the TOwnS PEoPLe of URAlla In Australia, THese Large power stations use non-renewable REsources (like Coal!) Currently, most of UralLa's electricity is generated from large coal fired power stations and is then transported over long distances through the transmission and distribution network. Over the last century this has provided URAllawith secure and affordableelectrcitiy. But now the story of energy is changing - energy prices are rising, the climate is changing (from burning fossil fuels), and new and cheaper technologiesare emerging. This means that the old approach is no longer suitable, secureor necessarily able to provide the best value for money. (Click here to) show me how renewable energy currently fits into the picture Understanding And what about wood Is that zero net energy already? Click here to read about it Other TOwns and Cities REnewABLE energy projects across Australia - at homes, businesses and dedicated sites, which often encouraged by Government programs like the Renewable Energy Target - means that renewable energy is already being fed back into the network. WHen you CHoose to purchase GreenPower...This is The STufF. Local energy demand can be reduced through energy efficiency measures - meaning that less renewable energy is required for Uralla to be a ZNET. Renewable energy be generateD On-site at homes and businesses using common technologies like solar panels. Because this generated energy can offset its use on site - reducing the need to get electricity from the network - this is sometimes referred to as generation "BeHind the Meter".s on site REnewable Understanding Energy use: Wood And Uralla's firewood is being sourced locally - usually from fallen timber - or from local suppliers who source wood from around the region. The current consumption of wood is however, exceeding the new growth of timber in Uralla. This means that the current sources of firewood are not sustainable or zero net energy! firewood fom nearby Local FIREWood Got it! Now TeLl me about what's PosSible for Uralla to be a znet