What can contribute to Zero Net Energy SO if uraLla wAntS To Take Action To becomE a ZNET... ...Click here to show me whAt's PoSsiBlE! USING lESs Using less energy means community facilities, households and businesses in Uralla reducing their energy consumption, through measures such as increasing insulation or installing energy efficient appliances. All these actions together reduce the amount of renewable energy required to power the town, making the goal of 100% renewable energy easier to reach Import or purchase renewable energy This option involves the town of Uralla committing to purchase or import renewable energy from an existing renewable source, rather than generating it on-site or nearby. Generating energy On-site Generating on site means community facilities households and businesses are generating their own energy on their property, both to off-set their own energy consumption (behind the meter) and potentially export energy for use by others. Battery storage enables energy generated on-site to be stored for later use. GenerATing energy NEarby Means renewable energy comes from places such as appropriately located wind turbines and solar farms Regeneration & Reforestation On-site/ Nearby Bush regeneartion and cultivation, and reforestation on sites in and around Uralla will help regorw and replenish the biomass (wood) consumed by the town for heating. Import Sustainable Wood Thid option means that the community sources firewood from suppliers that has been certified as being harvested sustainably. The Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Programme for the endorsement of forest certification (PEFC) are the most recognised standards. B